• Independent Research

  • Actionable Ideas

  • Forward Looking Rankings

  • Upgrade/Downgrade Candidates

  • Access to KDP Analysts

  • Broad Issuer Coverage

  • Real-time Updates & Assessments

  • Relative Value Analysis

  • Company Credit Profiles

  • Intra-Day Commentary

  • Customized Daily Email Notices

  • High Yield Calendar

  • Independent Research:
    Unbiased research not affiliated with any broker/dealers.

    Trading Opportunities:
    KDP provides actionable ideas through the Trading Opportunities listing.

    Forward Looking Default Risk Rankings (DRR):
    The cornerstone of KDP's research process, and a more effective gauge of credit risk than similar metrics offered by competing services, DRRs assess a company's credit quality and probability of default.

    KDP's Top Candidates for Rating Agency Upgrades or Downgrades:
    To take advantage of relative value opportunities, the service lists companies for which KDP’s credit assessment is furthest from the rating agencies.

    Access to KDP Analysts:
    For the most up-to-date credit and industry analysis, each KDP Advisor user has full telephone and email access to the research team.

    Broad Issuer Coverage:
    Continuous coverage of over 300 companies exceeding 400 individual issues with the universe expanding to include additional "fallen angels" and "story bonds."

    Real-time Updates & Assessments:
    The core research product consists of written reports analyzing significant corporate developments, as well as in-depth analyses published on a regular basis. The latter includes historical and projected financial data, capitalization analysis, business summaries and segment analysis.

    Relative Value Analysis:
    To help uncover actionable investment opportunities and swap candidates, investors can screen and sort using 17 key metrics including KDP Default Risk Ranking, Agency Ratings, Recommendation, Price, Yield, Leverage Ratio and Coverage Ratio.

    Company Credit Profiles:
    One-stop quick access to summary financial, liquidity and capitalization information, comparative ratio analysis, links to KDP research going back to 1997 and SEC documents via EDGAR.

    Intra-Day Commentary:
    Twice daily commentary on the major debt and equity markets, providing timely assessment of market conditions and events.

    Daily Email Notices that can be Customized:
    Provides users with an easy way to monitor credit developments affecting their portfolio and to keep abreast of KDP research.

    High Yield Calendar:
    Continually-updated listing of high yield new issues, price talk, and deal timing. Timely new issue reports including "New Issue Summaries" on selected higher profile companies not otherwise part of KDP's research service.